We, the Southwestern Regional Golf Association, Inc. (SWRGA) was first organized in
1975.   After many years of growth and splendid support from the membership we
incorporated in the State of Oklahoma as non-profit organization on June 7, 1979.  The
first Board of Directors was Dr. Charles H. Lewis, Dr. Robert Willis, Mr. Manyles Gains and
Mr. Edmond Pouncil.

The purpose of SWRGA is to promote the general interest and welfare of the true spirit of
the game of golf; foster the concept of fellowship and brotherhood; create an atmosphere
that supplemented the existing recreation, social, and health needs of golf clubs
throughout the region consisting of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Kansas. Finally,
foster programs that strengthen and expand access to golf instruction,  and activities for
junior golfers, minority and underprivileged children.

The overall aim is to have cultivating programs that developed a greater desire for
education and personal development in any and all activities for which a nonprofit
corporation may be organized.  SWRGA also established a Scholarship and Youth Fund
for the purpose of granting financial aide to individuals, and worthy recipients as
established by the By-Laws.

There are three levels of membership in the SWRGA:

(A)  Active – An active member is a golfer who is I good standing with his/her local golf
club and second with the SWRGA.  They are entitled to all privileges of the association.

(B)  Associate – An associate member is a golfer entitled to all privileges of the
association, except the right to vote or hold office.

(C)  Honorary - An individual whom the Association wishes to honor for his or her
important contribution to the welfare of golf and to the association in general.  They are
entitled to all privileges, except the right to vote or hold office.

Organizations wishing to join the SWRGA are to submit a letter to the Secretary who will
then notify the Board of Directors who will then approve or reject the application.